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Standard Ultrapure Water System for Laboratory Model Q-LAB-D

Q-LAB-D uses municipal tap water as raw water, prepares high quality pure water and ultrapure water with resistivity 18.25 (MΩ/cm@25℃). Multiple configurations of machine are optional for different requirements in laboratory. Machine are approved by CE certificate. Quality of ultrapure water conforms to GB6682-2008、ASTM、CAP、CLSI、EP and USP standards.

The machine adopts modular design, with advantages of exquisite, simple and affordable, it’s the best choice for laboratory with small and middle water consumption.

  • Functions:

◇ Automatic run, boot self-check, protection for raw water underpressure, automatic shutdown for hyperpressure or full water in tank, real-time monitoring of water quality and display on LCD screen.

◇Imported high quality components (RO membrane, purification resin, etc) guarantee stable working and water quality.

◇Microcomputer automatic intelligent control, touch keystroke control, real-time monitoring of running status, fault flicker indication and voice control alarm.

◇ The consumable shell adopts thread design, which can be disassembled to easily replace filters many times.

◇ The system program controlled automatic flushing to extend RO service life.

◇ Ultimate micro-filter and the integrated fine treatment make water quality more stable and reliable. Fitting and pull-out type design makes accessory change more convenient.

◇ The machine is with low operation power, low noise and strong ability of anti-interference. Various accessories are optional for different kinds of raw water.


  • Model Selection

Model Code



Productive Water Volume

5L/10L/15L/20L/20L/30L/40L/60L/80L/100L/125L /hour

Speed of Water Withdrawal

1.5L/min—5 L/min

Condition of Raw Water 

Municipal Tap Water


Temperature: 5-45℃,

Pressure: 1.5-4 bar

Conductivity of (RO) pure water


(Type 1) Ultrapure Water


18.25 MΩ.cm



Particulate Matter(0.2µm)






Ultrasonic cleaning,


atomic absorption / emission spectroscopy,

mass spectrometry,

water quality analysis,


routine experiments, etc.

TOC analysis,



Cell Culture,


Life Science



Purchase Guide

▲When raw water is surface water, well water or influent impurities, it is suggested that the enhanced water quality treatment device should be added.

▲When raw water is well water, hardness of raw water exceeds the standard, or TDS value in raw water is ≥ 200ppb, it is suggested that the automatic water softener should be added.

▲When pressure of raw water is <0.1MPa, the booster pump of raw water should be added.

▲RO+EDI integrated process can be used for large flow equipment above 80L/H, to ensure water quality is better and more stable, and can save nearly one third of the later use cost.


5-30L/H:  L450mm x W350mm x H520mm;

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